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Maintaining Company Comfort

The workplace is the most important part of any company. If employees are not happy or not comfortable the whole company suffers. Inefficiency is often caused by employees who can not focus for whatever reason that may be. However, if a company can prevent a few of these reasons, wouldn't you? Unfortunately that is not always the case. Maintaining comfortable workplace comes down to making sure employee can work effectively and efficiently in the environment they are in. One of the major aspects of this are temperature and humidity. Employees should not be fighting the elements in the building but rather focusing on the important tasks in front of them. Much of this lack of comfort comes from a poorly maintained HVAC system.


An HVAC/R is a very complex system of moving parts. To keep this system running at peak efficiency it is essential to maintenance the system properly. Unfortunately there is a misperception that maintaining an HVAC system simply means changing the air filter.  This could not be more wrong. Just as a car is regularly maintained with oil, lubrication, air filters, coolant and much more; an HVAC system requires the same maintenance. An HVAC unit is an engine, just like a typical car, it needs to be serviced on a regular basis. By cleaning, servicing and checking the system it can run at maximum efficiency.

The more your system is serviced, the better your system will run. However, this is where we run into the problem of what is more economical. Maintaining an efficient system can be an inexpensive thing as long as maintenance is kept up with. However, when a system is not get serviced like it should, the parts begin to not run as smoothly or efficiently leading to bigger problems in the future. Not only does the bring on expensive parts and labor costs but additionally a company’s energy bills will increase as well due to the inefficiency of the system. If we begin to service an item so often that it either outweighs the price of the item or outweighs the expense of running inefficiently then it is time to replace.


Finding this happy medium is what J Feldkamp Design Build does best. By finding a service that works best for each and every customer from the beginning, the upfront cost will beat the long term expense.


To learn more about service plans and specials give us a call or see the service page for options and more advice.

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